Friday, April 11, 2008


For now at least, I'm going to play the role of blog administrator and benevolent dictator.

1. This is a group blog and membership is not restrictive, at least unless we reach Blogger's 100 participant limit. Beyond administrative and housekeeping duties, the blog will belong to all members. Anyone interested in participating should email me at pccagle -at - gmail -dot - com.

2. Membership will require a blogger account/ID. Those interested in participating are urged to join, even if crossposting elsewhere, but nonmembers can also send in links to on-topic posts elsewhere.

3. For each month, the administrator will select a member to choose that month's film. The film must be legitimately and commercially available on DVD in North America. (Region 1/no-region formatting required, subscription DVD service availability highly desirable). The type of film is pretty much up in the air, though one should be able to argue that it indeed falls in the category of a "film" (e.g. a documentary broadcast on TV may make more sense than a TV network situatioin comedy). I'd suggest a duration limit of 3.5 hours - hopefully most will be shorter! The administrator reserves the right to veto a selection, though I will certainly hesitate to do so.

4. The film selection will be announced at the start of the month. Members can post on the film at any time during the month, according to their inspiration and convenience.

5. All posts, other than from the administrator, will need to pertain directly to the film of the month. Anything else will be deleted.

6. There's no hard and fast rule for post length, but do be considerate of your readers. Often, shorter really is better. Those consistently or egregiously taxing reader stamina may be asked to edit their post(s) down.

7. Posters can create or add their own subject labels. If using labels, try to think in broad categories rather than a multitude of tags.

8. Posters, if they so choose, are encouraged to use illustrative stills/captures from the film of the month. Do compress any image files into a reasonable proportion and file size (say 75K max) in order to preserve disk space.

9. Dialogue to other posts - and other sites - is encouraged. Collegiality is the base expectation.


Brian Darr said...

Terrific idea; you've got mail!

Gareth said...

Is the blog going to have the ability to add comments, or is it based on member posts only?

I love the idea, but I'm not clear on the degree of openness to comments.

Chris Cagle said...

Comments are open to all readers.