Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Film of the Month: Bad Influence

As Ignatiy's "Utopian dream[of] getting a group of people to watch and consider a film no one watches or considers" comes to an end, one could gather from the postings and discussions that the group was, for the most part, surprised at what Absolute Beginners had to offer as cinema and discussion. So many different approaches are available from a selection such as this, and it was fun to see what the next one would be.

I was also enlightened by the discussion that stemmed from Thom's question "Why term the 1980s "the great 'lost decade' of cinema?"

Glenn Heath's January selection, Bad Influence (Curtis Hanson, 1990), technically just missed that decade, but it harbors the look and feel (and sound!) of it. Having today just seen this "nasty and great Neo-Noir", as Glenn calls it, I anxiously await his introduction to help me wrap my arms around this, once again, intriguing and discussion-stimulating selection.

Just remember one thing. You asked for this. Happy 2009!

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